Play your PC games on any device from anywhere.

Connect to your own gaming PC, share it, or access one in the cloud.

Play from anywhere

You can connect to your gaming PC over the internet from a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Raspberry Pi 3 using Parsec.

Play without an expensive PC

Parsec let’s you connect to any gaming PC, even one in the cloud. Build your gaming PC with any cloud provider offering GPU machines and connect to it with Parsec.

Co-op & share with friends

Remember playing games with your friends on the couch? Parsec lets you connect to any gaming PC and invite friends to connect at the same time, so you can share the experience.

  • Ultra-Low Latency

  • 60 FPS

  • 2K Streaming

  • Networking For Gaming

Our technology delivers an ultra-smooth, low latency streaming experience — Any game, any time, no frills.

Ready to start playing?

  • 1Sign Up

    Download and install Parsec on your devices.

  • 2Host

    Set up a cloud gaming PC or host from one you own.

  • 3Connect

    Connect to your gaming PC with Parsec.

  • 4Share

    Invite friends to access your PC and play together.