We believe everyone should have access to the best computing in the world.

Access to technology creates opportunity. It allows people to experience entertainment and accomplish amazing things. We want to eliminate the hardware upgrade cycles and allow users to depend on great software that consistently delivers high-quality processing to any device. Making the best computing available without upfront investments is our mission, and we're building the technology to make a computer in the cloud available from anywhere with the click of a button.

Our first product makes this possible for gaming. Gamers will no longer have to buy expensive PCs or consoles to access the entertainment they love. Gaming is the most immersive media in the world, and our technology increases the accessiblity of those experiences. If you're building other software that can increase the reach of computing and would like to use the Parsec Connect API, reach out - we'd love to help you.

Our Technology

We are focused on building the lowest latency remote computing technology available while maintaining 60 frames per second and 1080p quality display.

How did we accomplish this?

Everything we've done required low-level hardware encoding and decoding. We're not compromising on this because our focus on quality and latency is what distinguishes our product from others in the market. We did not invent the underlying technologies we're using, but we are taking advantage of industry-wide investments in compression, internet infrastructure, and cloud computing. As 5G wireless, h.265 compression, and improvements in networking continue to unfold, we believe this technology will change how the world accesses computing.

Our Team

benjy boxer photo

Benjy Boxer

Founder and CEO

Previously the Director of Product at NewsCred, founder of Arkad, and Corporate Development at AOL.

Favorite Game Civ 6

chris dickson photo

Chris Dickson

Founder and CTO

Previously founded Hover Hound, PC Hound, Beast Cloud Computing, and Atma Links.

Favorite Game Counter Strike

erik nygren photo

Erik Nygren

Software Engineer

Was a Software Engineer at Docurated, Wildcard, Skimlinks and co-founded Beast Cloud Computing and Atma Links.

Favorite Game Magic: The Gathering