Our API puts the power of low latency video streaming into the hands of your users.

Parsec's API makes it simple for you to add the lowest latency video streaming directly into your application. We've taken care of all of the encoding and decoding libraries, and made it so you never have to think about shipping low latency video across the network. We take care of all of the headache. Your application can stream low latency, 60 frames per second, HD video in a matter of a couple API calls. Aditionally, we capture every input from the client device, allowing your customers to remotely control their video from anywhere in the world.

What we offer

  • Parsec Connect API
  • Video Streaming Security
  • Virtual Remote Control API
  • Analytics and Usage Reports

Great ideas we’re helping build

  • eSports Coaching
  • Gaming with Friends in Chat Applications
  • Video Game Console with Cloud Streaming
  • Remote Desktop Application for Architects

If you'd like to learn more, contact us at sales@parsec.tv